No matter what era we live in or how much progress the world makes, we will always be supported by nature and remain a part of it.

When faced with this simple revelation, we begin to appreciate the value of our current lives. The truly important things become much clearer.

At elmm, we have contemplated what people really need in their daily lives. Our ‘el pure’ series is an accessible skincare series that strives to incorporate the vitality of Australian nature into your daily lives.

More comfortably, more beautifully.

Delivering the natural vigour that we believe is important.

from Australia

Australian nature for your body and your daily life.

Home to both subdued nature and harsh environments like deserts, Australia is a highly biodiverse fusion of various types of nature.
With all the natural energy and vitality that this country has to offer, you may readily integrate it into your daily life.


Mitsuyo Yanagimoto

Based in Japan and Australia, she has helped businesses, television stations, the wedding industry, and also individual customers with floral design for many years. In Australia, she also helps with wedding operations locally.
Equipped with aesthetic knowledge acquired through floral design, Mitsuyo began manufacturing and selling organic cosmetics. The ‘el pure’ series is based upon “things that I would use for myself comfortably”, and took over three years to develop, utilising each half-year that she finds herself in Australia.


A thought about foundation:
urely, most of us have wondered how much easier our mornings would be if we didn’t have to apply any foundation when we’re busy getting ready. But the thought is stopped when a nagging voice says “But, but…I can’t go out like this!”

Since when did this conflict begin to pop up?
For years, I had faithfully done my makeup without questioning anything about it.

I was in my late 40s when I began to wonder about this.
Up until then––indeed, for most of my 30s––such thoughts wouldn’t ever cross my mind, and I would continue to apply toner, then lotion, cream, and foundation in my usual routine that no one had ever asked me to commit to.

When I cast my mind back even further, I don’t think I wore any makeup until I was in high school.

Although I’ve forgotten when I started doing makeup, darkening skin was completely unanticipated, followed by opening pores, being bothered by fine wrinkles, and then finally blemishes.

Is it my age?

Or maybe what I’m using?

Once you find yourself here, foundation has the tendency to become less of an aesthetic choice and more of a means to hide skin.
In other words, going out without makeup becomes embarrassing. I’m really glad that I was able to get to the bottom of these feelings in my 40s.

Please consider this fact: human skin is produced by cells found on the inside. And the dead skin cells on the surface are the oldest tissues. It makes sense since the newest tissues are produced from the inside.

This means that many of us are spending a lot of time and effort caring for this oldest layer of dead skin cells on the surface. Ever since realising this, I have been committed to exfoliating this thick layer and stimulating my skin metabolism.

Now, it’s normal for me not to use any foundation, every day.
Now, it’s normal for me not to use any foundation, every day.
Even so, people never notice when they see my skin. And I’m in my 60s!